My Favorite Blogging Hacks to Get More Done

5 Blogging Hacks to Get More Done

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Is your to-do list a mile long?  I can relate.  Mine is too.

It always seems like there are never enough hours in the day to get it all done. We are so busy working on what we have to do, that there isn’t time to work on what we want to do – like those projects we keep putting on the back burner.

There are some hacks that I’ve come across that have revolutionized my ability to accomplish my goals and I wanted to share them with you. 

My Favorite Blogging Hacks to Get More Done

My Favorite Blogging Hacks to Get More Done

1. Tailwind:  I can easily schedule hundreds of pins in a matter of minutes using Tailwind.  Scheduling pins through Tailwind’s interface is virtually effortless.  I’ve tried many Pinterest scheduling options and this is, by far, the best solution. You can get a free trial here.

2.  Evernote:  I use Evernote to organize and store information that I always need to reference.  Some of the information I store in Evernote includes:  About Me information for sponsored post applications, affiliate links, research for blog posts and so much more!  Here is a great guide on getting the most out of with Evernote.

3.  Wunderlist:  I use this free to-do list app on my phone and computer to keep me on top of deadlines.  I love the reminder feature and how information is shared between my phone and laptop.

4. Hootsuite:  I use Hootsuite to schedule my Instagram posts.  This has been a HUGE time-saver for me.  I can easily create my instagram post, schedule the day/time that I want it to post and, when it’s time, Hootsuite sends a notification to my phone so I can easily publish the post to Instagram.  It’s one of the easist solutions I’ve found.  You can also link Hootsuite to all of your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages, profiles and groups.

5. Use Interns:  Interns are my productivity secret weapon!  I have 3-4 unpaid college interns that help me tackle my to-do list every semester.  You can learn how to start your own intern program with my FREE eBook, How to Get More Done with Interns.

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